artworks based on quotes from poetryartexchange poets Undercurrents Gallery 2016



Performance at The Kitchen Window Gallery, London, 26/4/15


Lorrain Baggaley reads from Burning a Paper Plate – Towards a New Art, a collection of poetry about art, food and transformation by Steve Rushton


Donna Lisa Kitching reading The Burning of a Paper Plate at The Foundry, London, 2009


southwark news1

shop335aPerformance and late launch for Sweet Sex Education Teacher From Chichester, Shop 33, 2013.

below, in order, performance at Velvet Tongue, London, November 2013, exhibition at The Illusion of Art, 2011,

exhibitions at The Foundry, No:ID Gallery and 491 Gallery, London, 2007-9
velvettongue1ahat3 hat2 monitors-3 leopardi i-brush-t-shirt1 i-shit-11 stacked-plates-4 101-burnt-paper-plates7 harrison-poemcopy i shit street-6 monitors-3 foundry the illusion of art foundry foundry foundry clifton st 3 clifton st 2 clifton st 491 gallery 3 491 gallery 2 491 gallery


Croydon Radio 3 August 2014



Resonance 104.4FM 15/2/14




click here to read online interview with bookseekeragency.com



Croydon Radio Podcast- Poet’s Anonymous, Sunday 5th August

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