Apotheosis oil on board 24x24inches


img_20200619_105737926Penultimate oil on board 24x24inches


img_20200619_105711596Interregnum oil on board 12x12inches


img_20200611_141111157Conflagration oil on board 24x22inches


img_20200611_140340276Cross country oil on board 22x24inches


img_20200610_162842_427Dream landscape oil on board 22×22 inches

img_20200611_141650793Flightpath oil on wood 8×16 inches

img_20200611_142243453The second wave acrylic on board 22×24 inches


img_20200604_155112_449Sortie acrylic on board 32×56 cm


img_20200611_234225774Aftermath acrylic on board 22 x24 inches


img_20200611_234331033Indeterminate oil on board 18×26 inches


img_20200611_145256503Deep oil on board 13×8 inches


img_20200611_144846090-1After-party oil on board 7×5 inches



Speck on the landscape acrylic on board 8×13 inches



Attack of the acrylic paint acrylic on board 8×13 inches


In battle oil on board 8×13 inches


wp-1590400277418.jpgRain acrylic on canvas 66×66 inches