Interview with Cooltura magazine April 2022

MARGENTO #GraphPoem@#DHS122, Various Wanted/Ovid with Reverb from 1hr 36. Also https://ideah.pubpub.org/pub/tgdpsell/release/4
MARGENTO #GraphPoem@#DHS121. Ovid with Reverb at 50 mins, Various Wanted 1hr, Interview with Dexter Bentley ResonanceFM 1hr 30.
MARGENTO two Walls and a Mirror. Various Wanted referenced thoughout
Annual programme organized by Maggie Sawkins, John Goodwin and Steve Rushton. Further information can be found at https://ventwrittenandspokenword.webador.com/
Translation work with Literary Waves Publishing. See also Poezja Krzysztofa Kamila Baczyńskiego na festiwalu literackim – Związek Pisarzy Polskich na Obczyźnie. “Baczyński was one of the most outstanding Polish poets of the war generation. Born in Warsaw in 1921, the poet became a soldier in the “Parasol” battalion of the Home Army, fighting in the Warsaw Uprising and dying on the 4th of August 1944. His life and poems are legendary in Polish literature and history. Translated by: Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Tomasz Mickiewicz and Steve Rushton.”
Translation work with Literary Waves Publishing. “Famous Polish Romantic poet Norwid (quoted by Wajda in his film Ashes and Diamonds) wrote the brilliant Chopin’s Piano. His life and work are brought back to life in Fert’s erudite and stylish biographical essay.”
Cover design based on a painting by Steve Rushton
Translated by Anna Maria Mickiewicz, Tomasz Mickiewicz and Steve Rushton. See also “Literary Pictures of Kyiv” Haliny Rarot – Agencja Informacyjna | Kultura
Illustrations by Steve Rushton