art 2020a

wp-1590400554073.jpgOpen country oil on board 29x24inches


Rift valley oil on board 24×26 inches


Evening landscape oil on board 20×28 cm

wp-1590400185709.jpgSunrise oil on board 24×26 inches

wp-1590400135373.jpgProvence oil on board 22×19 inches

wp-1590400553560.jpgRock and roll cornfield oil on board 24×24 inches

wp-1590400554121.jpgOctober oil on canvas 24×22 inches

wp-1590400553619.jpgMountain landscape oil on canvas 20×20 inches

wp-1590400553846.jpgOn the road again oil on board 24×24 inches

wp-1590400554044.jpgRiot oil on board 28×24 inches

wp-1590400553790.jpgMiro oil on board 27×24 inches