About Steve Rushton


SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (all galleries in London UK unless specified):

Whitechapel Open (1984) Museum of Labour History, South Bank Show (1986 prizewinner) Janus Avivson Gallery (1987- 93) Portobello and Tabernacle Galleries (1989-92) ‘An Artist Abroad’ (Arts Council touring exhibition 1989) Tricycle Theatre (1991) Red Gate Gallery (2005) 491 Gallery, Knightsbridge Gallery (2007) The Foundry (2007-9) No:ID Gallery (2008-9) The Illusion Of Art (Courtyard Theatre, 2011) Window Poems (Kitchen Window Gallery, 2015) Burning a Paper Plate (Kitchen Window Gallery, 2015) poetryartexchange (Undercurrents Gallery 2016) poetryartexchange (Centrala Birmingham 2017) Studio 97 Ventnor IOW (2019), RE-ART Ventnor (2021). PUBLIC COLLECTIONS: Museum of London; Museum of Labour History, Manchester. Artworks can be found on http://www.instagram.com/srushton13 and www.srushton13.com

POETRY AND ART: Rushton started writing poetry in 2004, performing on radio (Resonance FM) and in London’s East End.  He has four publications with erbacce-press (https://www.erbacce-press.co.uk/steve-rushton): Burning a Paper Plate… and towards a new art (2015), lines written while considering Ovid in translation (2019) and Preface Metamorphoses (2022). From 2015 to 2017 he co-ordinated poetryartexchange (Romania/UK), an international collaborative project involving exhibitions, gigs and an online book of the same name published by Contemporary Literature Press, the online publishing house of University of Bucharest. His poetry and art were part of another international project and anthology, Mosty:Bridges (Warsaw 2017).  Between 2017- 20 he’s received Arts Council England grants: in 2017 for a poetryartexchange exhibition at Centrala Birmingham, and in 2018 for Constanta Project, a poetry and art collaboration based in Romania involving conferences, exhibitions, gigs (with his band Ovid with Reverb) and an online book Notes (on comparing English Translations by Christopher Marlowe and John Dryden from Ovid’s Amores 1.1, 1.4 & 2.19), a mixture of poetry, art and research edited by Lidia Vianu and published by Contemporary Literature Press. Various Wanted, a collaboration with Chris Tanasescu (MARGENTO) and Taner Murat, was published by Timpul  (2021), and is also (along with Notes…) available on Google Play/Google Books,

MUSIC: Ovid with Reverb (https://soundcloud.com/ovidwithreverb), Rushton’s poetry and sound project, performs regularly at Ventnor Fringe Festival, The Hundred Years Gallery, London, and on Resonance FM (The Hello Goodbye Show). He has been a drummer for Uncle Rabbit (2004-8), The Mosquitos (1989-98) and The Roadbreakers (1991-96), and is currently with the Slow Cats.

Rushton was born 1959 on Merseyside, and now lives in Ventnor, UK.

Tel. 0044 7960 802 506. .srushton13@gmail.com

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