Constanta Project

Following the award of an Arts Council England and The British Council AIDF (Artists’ International Development Fund) grant in July 2018 I visited Constanta, Romania, to give a lecture at The 1st Annual Conference on Exile in Comparative Literature and the Arts, organised by Anticus Multicultural Association. Since then I’ve been in correspondence and working with a number of partners (including Taner Murat and Anticus Multicultural Association, Lidia Vianu and Contemporary Literature Press, Iulia Milituru from frACTalia press and Chris Tanasescu) on two publications. The first (published in March 2018 by Lidia Vianu and Contemporary Literature Press, the online publishing house of the University of Bucharest) is a free online book exploring dislocation, with specific reference to Ovid (who was exiled to Constanta and died 2000 years ago) and to translations of his verses by two English poets who suffered different forms of dislocation. The online book contains comparisons of translations, plus notes in the form of verses. Download it at the following address

A second visit to Romania in early April 2019  promoted and publicised this online book – see images below










see also youtube videos















The second publication, in English and Romanian, is an illustrated poem of 100 verses.

This will be published by frACTalia press in 2020. However, in accordance with the terms of the grant, the translation by Taner Murat was completed by March 2018, as were the illustrations .